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Convair CV-580


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I mentioned this in my airtanker conversion thread, but figured it was a better option to make a more general post since it would be seen by more people. In terms of the 580, I've had a lot of requests to do a 580, but I know there's been Greg Pepper's version around for years as I've had it since my FS9 years. I've also slowly have been working through other T56 powered airtankers. But after picking it up this past week to see what I could do with it. I went looking for references and looking for permissions perhaps or hoping someone had updated them. And searching on CalClassics and then here I found that there's been several attempts and it doesn't seem like anything ever ended up coming from any of those projects. The thread here in regards to it no longer has pictures attached to it, so I couldn't even see how it looked. So I figured I'd ask if anyone else perhaps wanted to team up on getting some out there? I did a shortened nose version that Conair created for the actual airtanker versions, which is what I was interested in. But it did seem based on the threads here there's also considerable interest in the passenger and cargo versions. The version I've thrown together, is just what I'd consider super basic. I updated the model slightly with a new external tank, shortened the nose on it, and threw PBR at it. Did some lighting stuff and did some painting. And for those curious. Here are a couple pictures of the prototype I started last week.




I for one would very much appreciate your update of the "traditional" versions of the CV-580 . . . please, pretty please . . .
It's possible to do. I'm considering maybe even cutting the windows into the fuselage too, but not 100% sure. The bigger issue I have is updating the interior so the switches and gauges are all compatible. Interiors are definitely a big hole in terms of my ability currently. The FSX version's cockpit works in v4.5, but I'd say is only about 80ish % functioning.
So It does look like I will likely go after trying to update the exterior at least. Still am looking at trying to do something with the cockpit. I will also attempt to do a couple other model variations because of the windows. Which I do plan to actually cut out of the fuselage instead of them being painted on. But I'm in the early model working phase for that to see if I can get a result that's acceptable. I can't dive fully into messing with them yet as I have 3 other projects ahead of it. But I do want to obviously update the tanker version along with the passenger and cargo versions.
I am trying to layout a base for what will hopefully be done, "prototyping" as I call it seems to be have gone well so far with some of the stuff. But the main base models will be expanded to an additional 3 that don't differ much from the base aircraft, but have the Hamilton Standard propellers instead of the Aero Products ones. I was asked to add that difference by a few people. So it will be added to them across the board for added variation. All the other updates I have for now on them. Might do some more work on them soon though.

Aero Products Propeller Tanker Variant:

Hamilton Standard Propeller Tanker Variant: