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    We just posted part one of the how to on uploading new files to the Library. Part 1 covers adding new files. Part 2 will cover making changes to your the uploads you own.

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    Library How to

NEUWUC support and updates

Underway #149 is now available

Fixes a typo in the laser designation message handling.
Fixes several weapon typos which resulted in no graphics showing.
Underway #150 is up.

This separates the SU-22 and AN-32 numbers -so if you have them:
AN-32 title is 23200000
SU-22 title is 23210000
in the Misc directory.

Add pax and cargo gauges for the Mi-X helos and the AN-X aircraft.
U/W #151 available

Fixes a typo in the number of gauges for the parachute/SPEC Ops guy which caused some weird problems.
Fixes a typo in the orange_smoke_pb wherein U/W was complaining it wasn't installed in an parachute/Spec Ops guy and it was.
U/W #153 is up

Fixes a bug where the altitude was being set to zero instead of being tested for 0. Aircraft should now remain on deck (and visible), even with the ship moving and leaving and restarting FSX/U/W. :redfire:
U/W #153 is up

Fixes a bug where the altitude was being set to zero instead of being tested for 0. Aircraft should now remain on deck (and visible), even with the ship moving and leaving and restarting FSX/U/W. :redfire:

Works just fine Geoff, I've got the Su-33 and the Helix aboard the Kuznetsov with chocks on...Solid as a rock...!
U/W #154 is up.

This adds an IFF interrogator for the SU-33. We've uncovered some more data regarding the SU-33 and will be updating it's equipment and weapons in the next release.

This fixes the positioning of aircraft on deck. I originally used a simple bearing and range calculation for when the chock switch was thrown, figuring that it was faster to calculate and that how much delta could 200 feet generate. It turns out that at 36 degrees north latitude that it equated to some 30 odd feet - enough to put a helo that was dead center - off the port side by about 6 feet. Using the long version of the equation keeps the helo exactly where it was (within 3 inches).
New UC and Captain! posted.

Fixed error messages displaying numbers:
Owner is a passenger in another platform
Owner is too far away (>0.2nm) from platform

Implemented a "CONTINUE" button when programs are being shutdown, in case you made a mistake and didn't mean to stop running the programs.
We've moved

The NEUWUC family of programs has moved and split. The information website is still navalengagement.net. All the data ie - parts locations, platform info, etc is now at http://app.navalengagement.net. Our hosting service, UCClouds.com moved the NE server to it's own server, freeing up a lot of resources for us and diminishing the impact on others that were on the shared server. Many, many thanks to them.

Underway! #155 is posted. So to get to it - go to app.navalengagement.net and login. Up at the top is a link to the download section where you will find all the downloads. It ain't pretty but it works.
The NE Server may be going down the evening of Dec 31 2016 due to scheduled maintenance of the hosting service. It's not supposed to go down, but it may. We recently found and killed the last known bug in the server and it's been running ever since with no memory leaks.
U/W # 158 is now available. It adds the F-22 Raptor/gauges.
The loadout program also now includes the F-22 and can now add GPS coordinates for those types of weapons for up to 8 waypoints.
Loadout program

New version of the loadout program is available - #7. Fixes a bug wherein a space in the loadout file caused Underway! to miscalculate the number of fields resulting in a plethora of error messages.
New versions of Captain! and Underway_Captain! are now up. This fixes a problem in the autopilot/waypoint routines where if the server was shutdown (ie for maintenance) and restarted, the waypoints would not be restarted and the platform would remain motionless.
New versions of all three programs are up - while this does not (yet) directly affect Underway! it is a mandatory update. We now implement periscope, snorkel, and battery usage. Because of the extra data even U/W is a mandatory update.

This will (probably) be our last major upgrade to the FSX version of Underway! and Underway Captain!. We will begin to transition to Prepar3d V4 as soon as testing is complete for the peri,snork, and bat changes. We look forward to the increased capabilities of the P3D platform. :jump:
Underway #167 for P3Dv4.1 is now available. This adds the Hawker Hunter and the S-2E. Additionally, it fixes a bug in that if there is no aircraft.cfg for a platform it ignores that aircraft instead of ignoring all the rest of the aircraft.

There is also a new Loadouts.exe that add the two aircraft making it easier to create your loadout for a flight.