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    We just posted part one of the how to on uploading new files to the Library. Part 1 covers adding new files. Part 2 will cover making changes to your the uploads you own.

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fs_bf109e_9jg52_package_part2.zip 2024-06-11

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FS Bf109E 9/.JG 52 Package part 2 (321) CFS3 Repaint Aircraft (stand alone) (German)

fs_bf109e_9jg52_package_part2.zip (9.45 Meg) (downloaded 376 times)

This is part two of the 9./JG 52 package - june 1940 (BoF). It contains 4 new aircraft: FS Bf109E 99 (E-1 Yellow 8) FS Bf109E 100 (E-3 Yellow 9) FS Bf109E 101 (E-3 Yellow 10) FS Bf109E 102 (E-3 Yellow 12) Part 1 contains 3 aircraft, optional virtual cockpits and the latest version of the FS Bf109E shared files. These files are to replace any excisting versionan optional xdp file to fly these aircraft in BoB configuration: FS Bf109E 96 (E-1 Yellow 1) FS Bf109E 97 (E-3 Yellow 3) FS Bf109E 98 (E-1 Yellow 5) You need to have AvHistory's Weapons Pack installed to fly these aircraft. Veel plezier ermee groeten van de Foute Man.

by Foute Man (2006-08-19 15:44:01)
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