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Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe Part 1 (193) CFS3 Aircraft (German)

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Until summer 1942, the star of the Nazi Germany seemed endless shining over Europe and the other regions of the world in which the troops of the Third Reich were advancing. In North Africa, General Rommel and his Afrika Korp had been able to help the Italian Ally that was in clear difficulty and to take the initiative by arriving at the doors of Egypt, before the British forces stopped his attack at El-Alamein. On the Soviet front, Manstein had attacked with success in Crimea, while at the end of August the Wehrmacht arrived at Stalingrad, starting the tragic legend of the Russian city. Then, the winter came after the autumn. With the changing of the seasons, it changed also the destiny of the war. In October, Montgomery counterattacked at El-Alamein, while the Anglo-American Allies opened a new front in North African by landing in November on the coasts of Morocco and Algeria. In the same month, the Soviet giant did a supreme effort by succeeding among thousand difficulties in preparing one great offensive at Stalingrad and defeating the German Army of von Paulus. Although the Allies advertised on the press their land victories, it was on the air and naval front that the fates of Germany were definitively decided. For the first three years of war, the German submarines terrorized the sailors of all the Allied convoys with military and fuel cargos that traveled between the United States and Great Britain. Then, with the new year, with the always greater engagement of the US Navy and the Royal Navy for the escort of the transport ships and of the US Air Force and the RAF for the long range patrolling, the German U-Boote were less effective, in spite of the tactical (as the "wolf pack" tactic with several submarines in hunting against the same target) and technical (the snorkel that guaranteed briefer stops afloat to refuel the submarines) innovations. With the increased flow of supplies to Great Britain, the opening of a second European front was not an Stalin's idea only, but a real possibility. In preparation for the memorable moment of the D-Day, the British islands represented the ideal starting point for the bombers that faced the courageous resistance of the Luftwaffe and the frightening German antiaircraft artillery in order to bomb the industrial cities of the Ruhr or Hamburg and Bremen and hit to the heart the enemy nation. While the Americans bombed by day, assuming themselves the greater risks and therefore the huge human losses, the British struck by night, making unsure all the hours of the day. In the hour of the Need, the Luftwaffe was, we can say, forced to adopt the most advanced technologies that would have become the base of the modern astronautics and aviation: the jet fighters and the rockets. This is a Fiction aircraft,but fun for ground pounding. For low level ground assault use 30% flaps. use Flaps to allow hover mode. In hover mode use your rudder for rotation. D for speed brake Shift B for bombbays. (not real have fun)

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